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From just getting started, to integrating SketchUp into your everyday workflow. Floor plans, 3D modeling, lighting plans and more.

New video series! How I Use SketchUp to Design and Plan an Entire House Remodel

Hi Designers! I have some fun and exciting news. One of my local clients in nearby Morro Bay California has agreed to let me film and record her remodel for the purposes of showing all of you how I use SketchUp throughout the entire remodel process, from measuring to completion*. It’s a great 2...


The Keyboard Shortcut Every Designer Should Add

As we learned in the Intro course, SketchUp comes with preset keyboard shortcuts. This makes drawing in SketchUp so much easier and I take full advantage of these. As you become more proficient in SketchUp, you'll want to add more shortcuts and possibly adjust any that are already preset. But one...


Draw a Floor Plan in SketchUp

What makes this SketchUp course different? There are no doubt, many various tutorials on building a floor plan in SketchUp. Some of them are even free on YouTube (I have some here!). But this one is different. It is made specifically for interior designers, with tips and tricks for your...


New Course! Lighting and Electrical Plan Template for SketchUp LayOut

Creating a lighting and electrical plan in SketchUp LayOut can be confusing. There are no built-in symbols to add to your drawings. With this template (geared towards residential projects), you can easily pull the lighting and electrical legend onto your drawing and create a plan quickly and...


LayOut Template Paper Sizes Explained

When starting a new document in SketchUp Layout, you have the option to choose a template in specific paper sizes. They are listed (Letter, A4, ArchD etc.), but don't include the specific dimensions of the paper sizes in inches or millimeters (you can still find them under Document Set Up). So...


Becoming an Interior Designer

“How do I become an interior designer?” I am emailed quite often with this question from people unsure about taking that leap. My advice is almost always as follows: Hone your focus. Your desired niche will dictate what you need to study and learn about. Decorating, kitchen and bath design,...


Why I Chose SketchUp

Back in 2011 I was living in North Carolina with a strong desire to go back to school for interior design. I had two young babies at home, constantly needing me and a career in design felt out of reach. But one thing that I could do was learn SketchUp. With the help of tutorials I could even...