As we learned in the Intro course, SketchUp comes with preset keyboard shortcuts. This makes drawing in SketchUp so much easier and I take full advantage of these. As you become more proficient in SketchUp, you'll want to add more shortcuts and possibly adjust any that are already preset. But one to start with is the dimensions tool. You will use the dimensions tool A LOT!

To add a keyboard shortcut for the dimensions tool, go to SketchUp > Preferences. (On a PC it is Window > Preferences.)


Find the Shortcuts menu and type "Dimensions".


In the empty box in the lower left, type "d". It will show up as an uppercase D. Close out of the window (on a PC you will have to click "+" and then "OK"). Test it out! In your drawing area, draw a rectangle, press D and click on one corner and then another. As you move your cursor away from the rectangle, you should see a dimensions call-out.

adding a dimensions shortcut

A few notes about shortcuts:

  • If a letter has already been assigned to a different tool, SketchUp will ask you if you want to reassign it.
  • There are some shortcuts that it will not allow you to reassign/change.
  • You can also add modifier keys like Shift, Option, Alt and Control.