Getting set-up to use Canvas

Step One: Get Your Hardware

Using Canvas will require two pieces of hardware:

  • an iPad: you can buy this at or at any local retailer
  • a "Structure Sensor for Canvas" bundle: the 3D sensor for mobile devices made by Occipital. "Structure Sensor for Canvas" is the bundle made specifically for Canvas, which includes their Wide Vision Lens.

Follow the link below to purchase your Structure Sensor (the 3D sensor that Canvas uses to help map your space). Make sure that when you purchase your unit, you purchase the "Structure Sensor for Canvas" bundle, as Structure Sensor offers several bundles for different purposes and the Canvas bundle includes the Wide Vision Lens at a discount. You'll get an additional discount from me as part of taking my course!

If you are buying a new iPad to go with your sensor, make sure to read this FAQ from Canvas: What device should I use with Canvas?

Get 5% off your Structure Sensor here!

Step Two: Assemble your Structure Sensor

Occipital explains how to do this really clearly. Click here for instructions.

Step Three: Install the apps

Install the Structure app, Calibrator app, and Canvas app on your iPad's App Store

Step Four: Calibrate

Calibrate your Structure Sensor to your iPad with the Calibrator app (one time step, tutorial video here)

Step Five: Start scanning!

Now it's time to start scanning! Watch Canvas's scanning tutorial video to learn how to get the best results (watch here), and don't be afraid to reach out to their support team with questions. They are usually happy to review an initial test room scan and provide feedback before you put through any paid orders through their system — which I recommend doing so you can scan with confidence (and because it’s usually a new thing for designers). It's always a good idea to try it out in your own home first, make sure you are set up properly, etc. before taking it out to a client site!

You are ready!

Take a few scans in different kinds of areas in your home to make sure you’ve got the hang of things and know how to handle different kinds of spaces. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Occipital if you have questions, and most importantly, don’t worry about making everything look absolutely perfect! Your scan will be refunded if it is too poor to be converted. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Occipital
if you need help.

This section contains an affiliate link. Which means that if you choose to purchase, I will earn a commission. It will be no additional cost to you. I am recommending this product because I have personal experience with it and I think it is helpful to design businesses. The commission helps with the costs associated with creating a course as well.