Pricing: How much does it cost? How long does it take? What your return on investment will be?

Structure Sensor for Canvas bundle $399. (iPad needed for host device).
The Canvas app is free for download. (See: Getting Set-Up.)

Scans and CAD (SketchUp) Models:
Scanning a room is free, and you can use the 3D scan both in the app and exported to your computer at no cost. However, if you want to turn the 3D scan into a CAD model you can use in SketchUp, you'll want to use Canvas's Scan To CAD service. That costs $29 per scan (and it's recommended to scan one room at a time), or $34 if you are merging multiple scans together.

A typical home is about 10 scans, but it definitely varies (smaller or larger) depending on size and complexity. You can see some sample homes scanned with the sizes and number of scans by downloading Canvas's sample data package here.

More and more, clients are asking for 3D models and renderings of their renovations and new builds. There are so many benefits to using 3D models in your design practice. It allows you to take a look at the massing and scale of a space, look at color and texture options, talk a client into a decision, (talk a client out of a decision,) realize a design may or may not work saving time and money, and pulling documentation like floor plans and elevations directly from that 3D model. But the one major downside to creating a 3D model is the time it takes.

It takes time to measure a space, document that, transcribe it to SketchUp, then create a 3D model. It can take upwards of 10 hours depending on the size of the project. But what used to take hours can now take minutes. This means you can get started on the best part of being an interior designer….the actual task of designing!

Canvas allows you to scan a space in minutes, and they'll have your design-ready, editable SketchUp model ready for you within about 2 business days. During that time, instead of measuring and modeling the space, you can be working on other parts of the project — or finding more clients!

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